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HR manager of the Bank of Montreal once told me that he does not read resumes, because he knows - resumes lie. He said, he only read covering letters, because they contain more of a personality. So I tried to put as much of my personality here, as I could.

I am presently employed with MGI. Worked for that company since 1999. MGI makes video hardware. I test drivers for that hardware on Linux platform. I write scripts, install different distros of Linux, run various applications in many resolutions and pixel depths, mostly in multi screen environment. And often in multi adaptor. I have up to 10 systems under test at a time, so I switch a lot. All my systems are multiboot with up to 20 distributions installed. Systems are mostly new models from HP, Compaq and other, not so well known manufacturers, but those are mostly thinclients.
Our team is given 2-3 coop students a year. One of them goes to Linux group. It is my job to educate that student and make sure they become actually productive in 2-3 weeks. I also provide techsupport to some of our corporate clients. This consists of looking at the logs they send me and most of the times just writing a correct xorg.conf for them. Or clearing up other configuration issues. And I am often busy educating people who need to work in connection with Linux - remote desktop testers from our SQA lab, or developers who were assigned to code under Linux. I am also responsible for our internal web portal where we put testing related info, drivers, test logs, howtos for people from other departments and various tables with info on our products. This involves HTML coding with CSS, quite a bit of JavaScript and some graphics. We use GForge so I know just as much of PHP as it takes to customize GForge to suite our needs.
Before I started in Linux group I had worked in Windows QA. More or less the same work, but no tech. support, no trainees, and all on Microsoft platforms. I was mostly responsible for applications, so I became quite an adept in many. Especially graphic editors. Office apps too. I wrote batch files to automate backups and macros to run robustness tests. (To ensure that system doesn't crash when running CPU/GPU-intensive office app overnight). About that time we started to use Winbench and Winstone test suites. And many others.
Briefly I feel comfortable in advanced using and tuning of Windows and Linux. I also feel comfortable with PCs and related hardware. I can assemble a PC with my eyes closed, but this, I guess, every third person in our SQA lab could do.
I am very good at Photoshop. Feel comfortable with Corel Draw and Photopaint. Used Adobe Illustrator. Used Linux based graphics editors a lot - Gimp and Inkscape (vector graphics editor). Most of my graphic projects were graphics for my web pages, concert ad posters, wallpapers and t-shirt transfers. Intermediate level of video editing - mostly home videos editing and publishing (to DVD or YouTube with Adobe Premiere) and advanced level of sound editing - Adobe Audition under Windows and Audacity under Linux. Recorded my own songs with tracks for back vocal, drums and bass.

I worked as an electrician for more then a year. My experience with that is also based on years of employment in geology where I had to do with drilling equipment, so I got familiar with electric motors, transformers, control panels and high-voltage wiring. I don't have a Canadian/Quebec license though.
I worked as a stone-mason for 3 years. I fact we did almost any renovation related work including plumbing and carpentry, but 80% of time it was stone. Together with my friend we started a company where I was a painter/plasterer and he was a stone-mason. As it went on we had to switch, both gained from each-other experiences and became equally adept in stone working and painting which we did much less. We did mostly stairs, porches, walls, columns and graves. Faced them with stone that is. Not that I expect to get hired as a stone-mason. Just to show that I had to deal directly with customers and most of the times they were happy. Otherwise I'd have to change occupation.
I worked in geological prospecting for 7 years. I started as a general worker while taking courses in university. In a year I had my security clearance and exam and became a blaster. We worked high in the mountains of Northern Caucasus, in an unpredictable environment, constantly watching out for something to happen. We looked for rare-earth and colored metals. Manually drilled holes, charged them with explosives, blasted them up and took samples for the lab. All that mostly 3000 meters and more above sea level. In winters, when there was no field work for blasters, I worked as a driller on rotary core drilling, looking for the same set of elements. In 500 meters range. There was one year when I worked as an industrial blaster - demolished two bridges, an old mill and countless foundations for all kinds of buildings. Again, I am not looking to get employed as a blaster, unless for insane salary. Still part of my experience.
And last, but not least on this long list of my experiences is my parenting. I am a father of 3 sons. And a proud one at that. I am putting this here as a proof of my managerial, teaching and people skills - that's what it takes to run the family. Credits are shared with my wife, of course.
I don't mind disclosing my age - I was born in 1966. Being a Shorinjiryu karatedo practitioner and instructor, as well as year-round bicycle commuter, I am in very good physical shape. I wear glasses. Non-smoker.



2000 - 2001

Software development for the World Wide Web   (Unfinished -6 courses out of 10)

Center for Continuing education, Concordia University

Montreal, Quebec

1997 - 1998

Attestation of Collegial Studies in Microcomputer Techniques

Vainer College

Montreal, Quebec

1983 - 1989

Minerals Prospecting (University level)

North Caucasian Mining and Smelting Institute

Vladikavkas, Russia


2000 - Present

SQA Technician

Matrox Graphics

Dorval, Quebec

Win2K - XP environment:

Hardware and software compatibility testing on pre-released versions of OEM PCs. Work consisted of installation of video hardware and drivers for it and running wide range of applications on the setup, to find hardware/software issues. Majority of video adapters used were of MGI make. ATI and NVidia adapters of different classes (business, gaming, industrial) were used as well - for reference purposes. Worked with frame-grubbers and various models of video/surveilance cameras testing image recognition software.
Working knowledge (advanced user/pro level) of Adobe Photoshop, Audition, Premiere, Corel Photopaint, Draw, other graphics and multimedia editors, office suites - word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases(Microsoft, IBM, Corel, Sun).

Linux environment:

Setting up Linux boxes from the ground up - installing distribution with programming tools, setting up on the network, ssh, NFS, Samba support. Testing graphics driver on numerous MGI and competitors videocards including special setups for medicine, air traffic monitoring and railroad control. Mostly multyscreen environment. Testing software packages - GPL and proprietary. Gimp, OpenOffice, Blender, Main Actor to name a few. Testing thinclients with rdesktop. All of the above on all major distributions (RedHat/CentOS both commercial - RH Enterprise and Fedora, SuSE/SLE Mandrake/Mandriva, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware and Debian), having several releases under testing. Writing shell scripts to automate testing on multiple systems, quickly change X settings, run robustness tests. Creating custom modelines.
Providing techsupport to corporate customers. Training students. Maintenance of internal webserver with testing related info and bug database.

1999 - 2000

Field Technician

Optimal Robotics

Montreal, Quebec

Intensive travelling to the US. Main responsibilities: installation and start up of self-checkout terminals in chain stores like Wal-Mart, Meijer, Kroeger, Bi-Lo, A&P, etc. Worked alone. Installation and start up consists of setting up five NT workstations with numerous peripherals (like bill acceptors, bill dispensers, coin acceptors and dispensers, two types of scales, scanner, video camera) on two networks - internal network for given cluster (four customer stations and operator station) and store network Unix or IBM 4680-90. Troubleshooting hardware in NT environment, DigiBoard (ISA and PCI), DigiBox, VideoMUX board, multiple network adapters (two per station), sound and video adapters. Troubleshooting network in multi platform environment. Techsupport during startup.

March - December

SQA Technician

Matrox Graphics

Dorval, Quebec

Installation and reinstallation of different video sound and network adapters, making sure that there is no conflict with chipset and existing peripherals. Installation and employment of different software (mostly graphics related, like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Bryce, Ulead, DVD players, games, various benchmarks like ZD Winbench99, Bapco, Winstone, etc.) and testing if driver and accompanying diagnostic software work fine with all that software installed. Installation and reinstallation of Windows95-98, NT 4, RedHat Linux 6.0 mostly in multy boot environment, setting up network, printers, sound devices, etc. Filling in numerous checklists as well as documenting bugs in database.
Almost all the machines I dealt with were the latest pre-released samples from leading OEMs like HP, IBM, Compaq and Gateway.

1998 September -
1999 December

Computer Technician

Henry Birks & Sons

Montreal, Quebec

Installation and setup of modems, network cards, soundboards, CD ROMS, RAM, HDDs, ZIP, JAZZ and other external and internal peripherals. Setting up computers on the three-platform network - NT, Novel and AS400. NT administration. AS400 administration and maintenance. Design and development of Access database for company PC inventory. Participation in development of Outlook application that automates coordination between help desk and technicians who provide an actual help(documenting, forwarding and archiving each call).

1996 - 1997


Ferro Technique Ltd.

Montreal, Quebec

Integrated with a group of electricians in the fabrication of control panels, and wiring of state of the art wire handling machinery. Was involved in PLC programming, motor drives programming and setup, wiring of control panels, AC, DC and servomotors, encoders and tachogenerators. Installed electrical/electronic components on the frames of the machines and performed quality control, start-up and troubleshooting at a customer site. Took an active part in rewiring the workshop (600 W)

1995 - 1996

Maintenance technician

Healthy Tradition Bakeries

Montreal, Quebec

Performed technical support of equipment (ovens, mixers, dosers etc.) shipped and received merchandise, trained new staff. Actually baked low-fat products.

1992 - 1995


Own renovation company

Vladikavkaz, Russia

Co-owned small construction business. Together with co-owner, we did facing of walls, porches, columns, etc. with natural stone. We also did other renovation related jobs (plastering, painting, ceramic tiles, brick laying, carpentry, plumbing) on a smaller scale, working usually just two of us. We had to hire helpers for bigger than average jobs, which happened only three times in three years.

1986 - 1992

Mineral Prospecting Technician

North-Ossetian Geological Expedition

Vladikavkaz, Russia

As a member of the prospecting group worked in mountain areas performing rock drilling and blasting on the day surface and underground. Was promoted in six months to a technician, and in two years to master technician. Constantly dealt with unpredictable and dangerous situations concerning the safety of people and the environment.

1984 - 1986


Military service


Anti-aircraft short range.

LANGUAGES: English, French, Russian. 

HOBBIES: Sports, music, graphic design,

REFERENCES: Upon request.